They had some good commentary on why the Obama impersonator was pulled from the Republican Leadership Conference stages:

1. The comedian was kind of funny! His jokes were funny/edgy, he made the crowd laugh. That’s what comedians do right?

2. Who hired him? Oh right, he didn’t hire himself.

3. He’s pulled from stage after the Obama jokes. That’s hilarious to me! And RLC President and CEO Charlie Davis was bold enough to release this statement:

"Had I been in the room I would have pulled him sooner. We have zero tolerance for racially insensitiv­e jokes. As soon as I realized what was going on I rushed backstage and had him pulled."

What he MEANT to say was

"Had I been in the room I would have laughed at the Obama jokes harder…but don’t talk about us. We have zero-tolerance for politically impartial humor - make them all biased in our favor next time, Reggie, and we’ll think about hiring you again."

The whole situation is just pure comedy.

3 years ago